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Djal Aka Al Kelly

Al kelly born 1968 in brooklyn ny

has had  an interest in djing since

the age of 12 yrs of age watching

djs at school dances at his

neighborhood middle schools in

brooklyn ny .At the age of 16

In The year 1984 while hangin out

at the rabbs skating rink in

sumter sc

,Al met a gentlemen by the the

of Steven Pinckney who at the the time was the Captain Of The Sure Shot Crew Djs .Steven somehow saw some potential in the young adolesent mixed going thru pubity young man .,Steven who was the equipment manager/engineer at the sound of sumter Kinda nugged the Sound OF Sumter's  BoSS Levi Howard & Levi howard Jr To GIVE The young kid a shot !!!!!!!...In the fall of 1986 Al was given a full time job by Mr Howard at the sos which he worked 12 years.
Moving Foward Al Kelly Met other djs such as Ronald Palmer aka Dj Wiggie,Arnold Palmer aka Dj Arnold P .Micheal Walker aka Dj Mixmaster Mike ,Dennis Muldrow Aka DJkip &Dj Cutmaster Cee.. whos been an big Inspiration in His DJ Life.
In 1989 Al met a young gentlemen by the name of Chris Duke who seem to have had the same high interest in djin as he did in the mid 80s ,With the knowledge and experience al learned at s.o.s, al took chris,dj effect on the road with him teaching him the trades of Djing
In 1997 Al also expanding his dj experince and employed Rana Spann which they soon they had a 5 yr relationship plus therefore teaching her the trades which lead to rana becoming her hometown .pinewood sc's first Female Dj Djbabygirl
As in the now 2014 Al kelly is currently CEO Of Als Muic Hut Thanks to the 12 yrs of working and The Sound Of Sumter Al also learned the tricks of the trade in operating a neighborhood retail music business. Promoting Parties And still djing ,,,hit em up!
Als Oldest son has also took on the family tradition (Djiin) and promoting also becoming  a rap artist shout out to Al Kelly jr aka Dj Beazo Hit EM uP!!!!!!!!!
Radio Experience WWDM/Morris College 1290 Am ../94.7 Choice Fm All in sumter sc ..And wynn florence ,currently djal is now an affiliate on  FUEGO RADIO #http://tunein.com/radio/Fuego-Radio-s168651/  and Swagga Radio 94.1/105.9
Televison ...B.E.T Rap city August 2005